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Digital Transformation is
happening everywhere you look. It is impacting businesses of any size, in any
industry, any market and every geography.

Many organizations recognize
the importance of digital and the need to change. Unfortunately there is a lot
of confusion about what digital transformation is and how to carry it out.

Organization need to avoid
following 5 mistakes, while going on the route of Digital Transformation.

on technology than business and customer.

Many organization
still believe that investing in latest and greatest technology will be quick
path to Digital. But they forget that technology is just an enabler.  Focus on entire business process, map the customer journeys with pain areas and aim to smoothen the interaction.

Transformation can be carried out by existing resources by the way of ad-hoc

Many organizations
are still using their existing teams and expects them to do the magic. While it
may be possible to delivery small successes, you need to have experts who have sharp
focus and experience of digital transformation to actually do the job.

Transformation can be driven by line managers.

of executives support will show some incremental changes but digital agenda
should be driven by senior most leaders, even board of directors & CEOs of
the company. Only then it brings the required seriousness. IT & Business alignment has to come from the top.

the learnings of other industry leaders.

in the Age of Customer, Digital
Transformation is no different than any other change. It is
more important to understand where you stand, how others have done it, what
challenges they have faced and learn from them.

digital transformation as just a hype.

Some of
the companies still feel that Digital is just a fad or hype and will die on its
own. There are industry examples of Kodak, Blockbuster, HMV, Borders who
ignored this phenomenon and went bankrupt due to competition.

Digital moves too fast to
wait. If an organization waits until best practices are established, it will be
too late. 

Organizations that adapt, evolve and exploit this new digital reality quickly will thrive, while those that do not, will be lost to the sands of time like Dinosaur!!