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ABB and IBM have announced a strategic collaboration to bring real-time cognitive insights to the factory floor and smart grids through AI and machine learning.

The collaboration will combine ABB’s digital offering, ABB Ability – a tool for gathering data from industrial IoT devices, with the AI capabilities of IBM Watson IoT.

“This powerful combination marks truly the next level of industrial technology, moving beyond current connected systems that simply gather data, to industrial operations and machines that use data to sense, analyze, optimize and take actions that drive greater uptime, speed and yield for industrial customers,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “Together, IBM and ABB will create powerful solutions for customers to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The new suite of solutions could help companies address issues pertaining to quality control, reducing downtime and increasing speed and yield of industrial processes. 

ABB and IBM will leverage Watson’s artificial intelligence to help find defects via real-time production images that are captured through an ABB system, and then analyzed using IBM Watson IoT for Manufacturing. Previously, these inspections were done manually, which was often a slow and error-prone process.

ABB and IBM could also apply Watson’s capabilities for predicting supply patterns in electricity generation and demand from historical and weather data, to help utilities optimize the operation and maintenance of today’s smart grids.

Image, video and content: IBM/ABB

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